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Interview with Audrey Richards: On Fieldwork

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Gienke, Martin 
Macfarlane, Alan 


Audrey Richards introduces the discussion (8 mins) Richards, Goody, Robertson on types of fieldwork (7 mins) Formal (statistical methods) – absence of (3 mins) The Malinowski training method and contemporaries at LSE (4 mins) Deep and divergent types of anthropologist (3 mins) Fieldwork exercises to train younger anthropologists (9 mins) The effects of personality and gender on fieldwork (4 mins) Letters and advice and visits from Malinowski in the field. (4 mins) Anthropological specialization and fragmentation – the reasons? (6 mins) Jack Goody on the historical turn, literacy etc. on fieldwork (4 mins) Working in a colonial context, what effects? (5 mins)


Filmed at the Audio Visual Aids Unit, 3rd May 1982 by Martin Gienke and his team before an invited audience - including questions from Professor Jack Goody (introduces), Sandy Robertson, Steven Levinson, Caroline Humphrey, Cesare Poppi, Phil Evans. Originally filmed on U-matic and edited by Dr. Levinson and A.V.A. Copied onto H-8 and then digital tape. Table of contents by Alan Macfarlane. (Wherever a name is not indicated, the comments are by Audrey R.)


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