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Valeriy Bolaev, Ulyumdzhi Mandzhiev, About Camels

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Khabunova, Evdokia 
Babaev, Andrei 
Churyumov, Anton 


Valeriy says that there are only 5,000 camels left that can be described as of Kalmyk breed. The majority of them are in Astrakhan oblast’. Ulyumdzhi Mandzhiev adds that camels are not very well studied either. In the past, camel’s urine was used to treat skin inflammations, burns and cuts. When on heat, camels could be aggressive and chase people to death. A camel’s pregnancy is the longest among all livestock. It lasts for 13 months. By contrast, that of horses lasts for 11 months, cows - 9 months, and sheep – 5 and a half months.



camels, Astrakhan, pregnancy, medicine

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