Vasiliy Sukhotaev, about horse breeding

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Terbish, Baasanjav 

Vasiliy says that the love for horses is in the blood of Kalmyks. It was thanks to his horses that Vasiliy met his friends and got to know many famous people. In the past Vasiliy was the director of a state farm in Chagorta that kept horses. Since the farm was losing money, some people wanted to send the horses to the butchers for meat. Instead Vasiliy sold horses and turned the farm’s fortunes. Among many breeds, he kept Turkmen horses which were introduced to Kalmykia by General Basan Gorodovikov. Among Vasiliy’s famous friends was the eye surgeon Svyatoslav Fedorov who cured many people from Chagorta on Vasiliy’s request.

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