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The Roman Glass from Aldborough (Isurium Brigantum), North Yorkshire

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Price, J 
Cottam, S 


This paper is the product of a project undertaken by Jennifer Price as part of her long-term research on Romano-British glass. It was undertaken during 1994-5 in collaboration with English Heritage when she was based at the University of Durham, and was intended to provide a definitive publication of the material from the Roman town. As such it complements other work on the finds from the site (Bishop 1996; Brickstock 2019) as well as the summary publication of 1950s and 60s excavations (Snape et al. 2002), all of which were also sponsored by English Heritage. The basic catalogue and a draft discussion were completed, in collaboration with Sally Worrell and the Romano-British Glass Project, before Jenny’s retirement. A nearly complete draft of the intended publication (revised by her in 2013) and many of the relevant drawings were found amongst her papers after her death in May 2019. Jenny had a long interest in Aldborough, having led fieldwork there in the 1980s (Dobinson et al. 2018) and also made a significant contribution to Yorkshire archaeology over many years, not least as chair of the Roman Antiquities Section of the Society, so it seemed fitting that we should bring her work to publication. In doing this we have stayed as close to her manuscript and drawing notes as possible, simply editing the text, completing the references and drawings, and adding minimal clarifications where required. However, a short concluding section has also been added.



Aldborough (North Yorkshire), Isurium Brigantum, Roman glass, Roman finds, Roman Britain, English Heritage

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Yorkshire Archaeological Journal

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