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Breaking barriers for glioblastoma with a path to enhanced drug delivery

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Progress in treatment for glioblastoma is hindered by the blood-brain barrier (BBB). In genetic mouse models recapitulating brain invasion and abnormal angiogenesis of human glioblastoma, Cai and colleagues demonstrate that optical modulation of the BBB with nanoparticles boosts intratumoural chemotherapy concentration, prolonging survival. We discuss prospects for clinical translation of exemplary innovative techniques.


Acknowledgements: Figures were created with I.N. is funded by an National Institute of Health Research Clinical Lectureship, a Cancer Research UK Therapeutic Catalyst Award, University College London Biomedical Research Centre, the Academy of Medical Sciences and The Francis Crick Institute, which receives its core funding from Cancer Research UK (FC001169), the UK Medical Research Council (FC001169) and the Wellcome Trust (FC001169). J.d.l.R. is a recipient of a grant from the Prostate Cancer Research (PCR).

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