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Ubush Darzhinov, About Kalmyk Sheep, Horses and Camels

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Churyumov, Anton 


Ubush knows how to look after sheep, shear their wool and rid them of insects. He can determine the age and gender of any sheep. He says that rams are usually kept for meat. He recalls, however, that his grandfather kept one old ram without killing it, but says he does not know the reason. Sheep should be grazed in one place only once and then the pasture should be left sheep-free for a while so that the grass can grow again. The Kalmyk breed of sheep graze far away from each other. As a result, their impact on the grassland is minimal. The Kalmyk breed of horses came about when the Kalmyks came to live in Russia. It is a mix of the Don and Kabardin breeds of horses. In the summer the Kalmyk horse sheds its fur, but in the winter it grows it again. This horse is well adapted to hot Kalmyk summers and cold winters, and feeds itself. According to Ubush, it is forbidden for the Kalmyks to eat horse meat. The Kalmyk breed of camel is massive in terms of its size and is also well adapted to the harsh Kalmyk climate. It also produces a lot of milk and wool.



sheep, grandfather, grazing, horses, hose meat, camel

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