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Nadezhda Tarancheeva, about the origin of the Buzava group

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Terbish, Baasanjav 


Nadezhda recounts legends about the origin of Baga Derbet, Iki-Derbet and Buzava groups: I heard this legend from my father-in-law Tarancheev Dordzhi Davaevich. Once upon a time there were four brothers. One day the Khan’s queen orders the brothers to catch four pelicans and deliver them alive to her. The birds that three of the brothers caught die on the way. Ashamed to come to the palace with dead birds, the three brothers ran away. The oldest brother ran to the west. His descendants, Iki-Derbets, lived between Esentuki and Bashanta. The next two brothers went in the direction of Astrakhan, and their descendants became Torghuts. The youngest brother, who managed to keep his bird alive, brought it to the queen. His descendants came to be known as Baga-Derbets. The Buzavas came about during the time of Peter the Great who had many Kalmyks in his service. One day Peter let his Kalmyk servants go and find wives for themselves. His servants went out, got married and returned to the Russians. They came to be known as Buzavas.



Buzava, Baga-Derbet, Iki-Derbet, legends, origin

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