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A Torghut Mongol Doctor



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Bulag, Uradyn E. 
Burunsain, Borjigin 


Badrah is a traditional cultural heritage inheritor of Torghut medicine in the Ejine banner. He learned Torghut medicine from his maternal relatives who had been forced to migrate to Subei county during the Culture Revolution. He was assigned to work in the Ejine banner. In 1976, he and some others were sent by their brigade leader to Jiuquan city to study medicine. In Jiuquan, one of his maternal relatives came from Subei as a teacher and she passed on to him her leather drug bag and some medical equipments in 1980. Badrah is now the 7th generation Torghut medicine inheritor in Ejine, his lineage coming down along the following line: Lagva – Nawandorj – Degdee – Renqin – Jimbai – Shaduw – Isgalsan – Badrah. The Ejine Mongolian hospital is the centre of Torghut medicine in Ejine, specialising in treating brain concussion and suhai töönöge (moxibustion with rose willow). By suhai töönöge, a doctor burns a tamarisk stick on a particular acupoint. Regarding concussion, Badrah recalls that when he was a child, he fell off from a camel. He vomited, could not even walk properly and was always sleepy and had migraine. He remembers that his father invited a local homoeopath to treat him. He just let him bite a big iron cauldron, and he beat on it with a stick hard. The vibration sent a shockwave from his head to the whole body and he was cured the next day.



Torghut medicine, traditional cultural heritage inheritor, the Cultural Revolution, Ejine Mongolian hospital, suhai töönöge

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