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Lenge (Khyal) (A-018)

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Meena, Madan 


The collection consists of audio recordings along with related photographs and videos. The project was mainly based on recording 20 hours of the Tejaji Ballad sung by the Mali (gardeners) community of the village Thikarda. But along with Thikarda, nightlong recordings were also done in some 23 other villages of Hadoti and surrounding region for a comparative study.


The singers forms a circle in middle of which the instrument players place themselves. While singing ‘Lenge’ the group moves in circle holding two sticks in their hands and touch it with the sticks of the neighboring singers on both sides.


Oral Literature, Oral Tradition, Linguistic Anthropology, Tejaji, Tejaji Gatha, Snake deity, Folk deity, Thikarda, Rajasthan, Ballad

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