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Feature-based terrain editing from complex sketches

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Tasse, FP 
Emilien, A 
Cani, MP 
Hahmann, S 


We present a new method for first person sketch-based editing of terrain models. As in usual artistic pictures, the input sketch depicts complex silhouettes with cusps and T-junctions, which typically correspond to non-planar curves in 3D. After analysing depth constraints in the sketch based on perceptual cues, our method best matches the sketched silhouettes with silhouettes or ridges of the input terrain. A deformation algorithm is then applied to the terrain, enabling it to exactly match the sketch from the given perspective view, while insuring that none of the user-defined silhouettes is hidden by another part of the terrain. We extend this sketch-based terrain editing framework to handle a collection of multi-view sketches. As our results show, this method enables users to easily personalize an existing terrain, while preserving its plausibility and style.



First person editing, Terrain, Sketch-based modelling, Silhouettes

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Computers and Graphics (Pergamon)

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Elsevier BV
This work was conducted during an internship of Flora Ponjou Tasse at Inria Rhône-Alpes in Grenoble. It was partly supported by the ERC advanced grant EXPRESSIVE.