Ha Shengcheng Hajia kun Hawandija yiusanni

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Ha, Mingzong 

Researchers Ha Mingzong and Ha Mingzhu interviewed Mongghul Ha Clan elders about clan history and digitally documented the interviews.


This interview was recorded in September 2009 at Ha Shengcheng’s home in Tianzhu County Town (Huazangsi华藏寺). Despite speaking perfect Mongghul, he spoke the loal Chinese during the interview. The interview focuses on the first migration of the Hawan Ha Clan from Huzhu County to Hawan. Ha shengcheng talks about the reasons that resulted in the family’s migration and the situation after the family’s arrival in Gansu, including periods before, during and after the Cultural Revolution. This interview contains the most detailed information on the history of the Ha Clan in Hawan. The interview is also presented in a precise transcription largely based on the pinyin system to capture the pronunciation. This interview, transcribed and translated by Ha Mingzhu (Taimei), focuses on the first and the biggest migration of the Hawan Ha Clan Mongghul.

Oral Literature, Oral Tradition, Linguistic Anthropology, China, Mongghul, Chinese, Tu/Monguor, Interview
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