Research data set supporting "Direct observation of ion dynamics in supercapacitor electrodes using in situ diffusion NMR spectroscopy"

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Forse, AC 
Griffin, JM 
Merlet, CCC 
Carretero-Gonzalez, J 
Raji, A 

This data is related to the measurement of diffusion coefficients of species in porous carbon materials through an in situ NMR technique. The data provided here consists in:

  • electrochemistry measurements data (classical cyclic voltammetry for the supercapacitors outside of the NMR setup, and chronoamperometry for the supercapacitors while doing in situ NMR)
  • NMR measurements data (exchange spectroscopy and Pulse Field Gradient NMR)
  • SEM images
  • Sorption isotherms (used for the determination of the pore size distributions)

Software / Usage instructions
- The electrochemistry data can be opened using EC-Lab or a text file editor. - The NMR data can be opened using TopSpin or a text file editor. - SEM images are included in a powerpoint file. - Sorption isotherms can be opened using a text file editor.
in situ NMR, PFG NMR, supercapacitors, diffusion coeffients, electrolyte
US Department of Energy (via State University of New York at Binghamton) (68799)
European Commission Horizon 2020 (H2020) Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) (696656)
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EP/L019469/1)
European Research Council (247411)
United States Department of Energy (DOE) (via University of California) (7057154)