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Impacts of Commonly Used Edible Plants on the Modulation of Platelet Function.

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Albadawi, Dina AI 
Ravishankar, Divyashree 
Vallance, Thomas M 
Patel, Ketan 
Osborn, Helen MI 


Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are a primary cause of deaths worldwide. Thrombotic diseases, specifically stroke and coronary heart diseases, account for around 85% of CVDs-induced deaths. Platelets (small circulating blood cells) are responsible for the prevention of excessive bleeding upon vascular injury, through blood clotting (haemostasis). However, unnecessary activation of platelets under pathological conditions, such as upon the rupture of atherosclerotic plaques, results in thrombus formation (thrombosis), which can cause life threatening conditions such as stroke or heart attack. Therefore, antiplatelet medications are usually prescribed for people who are at a high risk of thrombotic diseases. The currently used antiplatelet drugs are associated with major side effects such as excessive bleeding, and some patients are resistant to these drugs. Therefore, numerous studies have been conducted to develop new antiplatelet agents and notably, to establish the relationship between edible plants, specifically fruits, vegetables and spices, and cardiovascular health. Indeed, healthy and balanced diets have proven to be effective for the prevention of CVDs in diverse settings. A high intake of fruits and vegetables in regular diet is associated with lower risks for stroke and coronary heart diseases because of their plethora of phytochemical constituents. In this review, we discuss the impacts of commonly used selected edible plants (specifically vegetables, fruits and spices) and/or their isolated compounds on the modulation of platelet function, haemostasis and thrombosis.



aggregation, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases, fruits, platelets, spices, vegetables, Animals, Blood Platelets, Clinical Trials as Topic, Fungi, Humans, Plant Extracts, Plants, Edible, Platelet Function Tests

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Int J Mol Sci

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Ministry of Education, Saudi Arabia (N/A)