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European Glaucoma Society research priorities for glaucoma care.

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Azuara-Blanco, Augusto  ORCID logo
McCorry, Noleen 
Georgoulas, Stelios  ORCID logo
Founti, Panayiota 


BACKGROUND/AIMS: The goal of health research is to improve patients care and outcomes. Thus, it is essential that research addresses questions that are important to patients and clinicians. The aim of this study was to develop a list of priorities for glaucoma research involving stakeholders from different countries in Europe. METHODS: We used a three-phase method, including a two-round electronic Delphi survey and a workshop. The clinician and patient electronic surveys were conducted in parallel and independently. For phase I, the survey was distributed to patients from 27 European countries in 6 different languages, and to European Glaucoma Society members, ophthalmologists with expertise in glaucoma care, asking to name up to five research priorities. During phase II, participants were asked to rank the questions identified in phase I using a Likert scale. Phase III was a 1 day workshop with patients and clinicians. The purpose was to make decisions about the 10 most important research priorities using the top 20 priorities identified by patients and clinicians. RESULTS: In phase I, 308 patients and 150 clinicians were involved. In phase II, the highest-ranking priority for both patients and clinicians was 'treatments to restore vision'. In phase III, eight patients and four clinicians were involved. The top three priorities were 'treatments to stop sight loss', 'treatments to restore vision' and 'improved detection of worsening glaucoma'. CONCLUSION: We have developed a list of priorities for glaucoma research involving clinicians and patients from different European countries that will help guide research efforts and investment.


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Acknowledgements: We would like to thank all patients and clinicians who participated in this process and, in particular, Sarah Tayler, Asle Haukaas, Fernando Carvalhao, Deb Davidson, Kate Backhaus, Steven Tsui, Mona Krieg and Carol Bronze for their participation in phase III. We would like to thank Dr Ayla Basasoro Garmendia for the initial analyses of phase I survey answers.


clinical trial, diagnostic tests/investigation, glaucoma, treatment medical, treatment surgery

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Br J Ophthalmol

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