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Whole-body 7T 31P birdcage transmit coil driven by a 35kW RF amplifier with an integrated 30-element 31P receive array and an 8-element 1H transmit/receive array

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Valkovic, Ladislav 
Batzakis, Alex 
Ellis, Jane 
Purvis, Lucian AB 
Schmid, Albrecht Ingo 


Synopsis: We describe our experiences implementing a whole-body transmit coil driven by a 35kW RF power amplifier, with a 30-element 31P receive array, and an 8-element 1H transmit/receive array, optimised for cardiac 31P-MRS at 7T. We describe an adaptation to the vendor’s standard SAR monitoring to monitor RF power levels up to the full 35kW output of the RFPA. This new hardware was found to achieve better 31P B1+ and SNR at the depth of the heart than other coils available in our institution. This setup promises to allow the first regionally-resolved, whole-heart 31P-MRSI studies at 7T in the near future.



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ISMRM 2018

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International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine
Wellcome Trust (Unknown)
Funded by a Sir Henry Dale Fellowship from the Wellcome Trust and the Royal Society (098436/Z/12/Z); a Science Enhancement from the Wellcome Trust (Grant No. 098436/Z/12/A); the EPACephalosporin Fund (Grant No. CF 284);the Oxford BHFCentre of Research Excellence (Grant No.RE/13/1/30181); and Slovak Grant Agencies VEGA (2/0001/17) and APVV (15-0029). We gratefully acknowledge support from Iulius Dragonu, Karsten Wicklow and Ulrich Fontius at Siemens Healthcare.