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Evidence of a genetic background predisposing to complex regional pain syndrome type 1.

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Goebel, Andreas 
Lee, Michael C 
Nahorski, Michael S 
Shenker, Nicholas 


BACKGROUND: Complex regional pain syndrome type 1 (CRPS-1) is a rare, disabling and sometimes chronic disorder usually arising after a trauma. This exploratory study examined whether patients with chronic CRPS-1 have a different genetic profile compared with those who do not have the condition. METHODS: Exome sequencing was performed to seek altered non-synonymous SNP allele frequencies in a discovery cohort of well-characterised patients with chronic CRPS-1 (n=34) compared with population databases. Identified SNP alleles were confirmed by Sanger sequencing and sought in a replication cohort (n=50). Gene expression of peripheral blood macrophages was assessed. RESULTS: In the discovery cohort, the rare allele frequencies of four non-synonymous SNPs were statistically increased. The replication cohort confirmed this finding. In a chronic pain cohort, these alleles were not overexpressed. In total, 25 out of 84 (29.8%) patients with CRPS-1 expressed a rare allele. The SNPs were rs41289586 in ANO10, rs28360457 in P2RX7, rs1126930 in PRKAG1 and rs80308281 in SLC12A9. Males were more likely than females to have a rare SNP allele, 8 out of 14 (57.1%) vs 17 out of 70 (24.3%) (Fisher's p=0.023). ANO10, P2RX7, PRKAG1 and SLC12A9 were all expressed in macrophages from healthy human controls. CONCLUSION: A single SNP in each of the genes ANO10, P2RX7, PRKAG1 and SLC12A9 was associated with developing chronic CRPS-1, with more males than females expressing these rare alleles. Our work suggests the possibility that a permissive genetic background is an important factor in the development of CRPS-1.



Genetic Predisposition to Disease, Genetic Variation, Genetics, Medical, Human Genetics, Mutation, Missense, Male, Female, Humans, Complex Regional Pain Syndromes, Gene Frequency, Polymorphism, Single Nucleotide, Alleles, Genetic Background

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J Med Genet

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