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You can lead a horse to water… are clinical students getting the message about the library and information skills support that is available?

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Edwards-Waller, L 


Cambridge University Library is the recipient of a grant from the Arcadia Trust to investigate issues and challenges in delivering academic library services in the digital era. One project under this auspice has been IRIS: Induction, Research and Information Skills, which attempted to map the information skills and needs of students at Cambridge University. The results of this study will be used to provide information in planning future services and facilities for students. Students were invited to complete an online survey asking about which online information resources they use most frequently, from whom they hear about new resources, and where they go for help with information-seeking. Librarians across the tripartite Cambridge system, in 60 college, department, and University libraries, were also surveyed with regard to what training, induction, and support they offered and to whom. This article will focus on the responses of 115 medical students who participated in the survey, accounting for 6.5% of the total survey responses. While acknowledging that student respondents were self-selecting, the results raise questions about how well the librarians’ message is getting across and how librarians can better serve students in the digital age.



information literacy, medical students, undergraduates, arcadia

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New Review of Academic Librarianship

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