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Global health concern on the rising dengue and chikungunya cases in the American regions: Countermeasures and preparedness.

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Mohapatra, Ranjan K  ORCID logo
Bhattacharjee, Priyadarshini  ORCID logo
Desai, Dhruv N 
Kandi, Venkataramana  ORCID logo
Sarangi, Ashish K 


BACKGROUND AND AIM: Severe morbidity and mortality due to seasonal infectious diseases are common global public health issues. Vector-borne viral illnesses like dengue and chikungunya overload the healthcare systems leading to critical financial burden to manage them. There is no effective drug or vaccine currently available to control these two diseases. METHODS: The review was formulated by incorporating relevant reports on chikungunya and dengue in the Americas regions through a comprehensive search of literature that were available on dedicated scientific publication portals such as PubMed, ScienceDirect, and Web of Science. RESULTS: The strategies of public health administrations to control largely the mosquito vectors during tropical monsoon seem to be effective. Yet, it seems practically impossible to completely eliminate them. The mosquito vector disseminates the virus via transovarian route thereby internalising the virus through generations, a reason behind reappearing and recurring outbreaks. The numerous factors associated with industrialisation, urbanisation, population density, and easy transboundary movements appear to have contributed to the spread of vectors from an endemic region to elsewhere. CONCLUSION: The article made a state-of-affair comprehensive analysis of the rising dengue and chikungunya cases in the tropics, particularly the tropical Americas, as a human health concern, the countermeasures undertaken and the overall preparedness. The viral transmission is a hard situation to tackle as the vector survives in diverse temperature and ecology, is resistant to insecticides, and the unavailability of drugs. Better vector-control measures and improved understanding of the reemerging arboviral infections could offer an extended reaction time to counter outbreaks, and minimise associated morbidity/mortality.


Publication status: Published


chikungunya, dengue, epidemiology, healthcare, seasonal infection, vector‐borne disease

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Health Sci Rep

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