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Land South of Wilberforce Road, Cambridge, Desk Based Assessment

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The Cambridge Archaeological Unit (CAU) has been commissioned by St John’s College, Cambridge, to prepare an archaeological desk-based assessment for land south of Wilberforce Road, Cambridge. The Proposed Development Area (PDA) covers approximately 1.7 hectares. The PDA comprises eight adjoining plots, shown in Figure 2. The purpose of this desk-based assessment is to assess: (a) the archaeological potential of the PDA; (b) the likely impact of previous land use on the survival of any archaeological remains, and (c) the potential for impacts on the surviving archaeological resource. The PDA lies in an area which has seen intensive archaeological investigation. Consequently, archaeological and historical records were consulted within a restricted search area of 1200m × 1200m around the PDA (between TL 4400 5900 in the northeast and TL 4280 5780 in the southwest).



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Cambridge Archaeological Unit, Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge

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