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Valley of Apunohu, Moorea

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A river estuary landscape with vegetation.


Darwing. The sky is blank. In the left background, a steep hillside with little indication of structure or vegetation falls from the top left-hand corner of the picture behind a closer pointed and jagged hill in the left centre. This closer hill bears indications of some abrupt dark upper vertical faces and lower steep but verdant slopes; these lead directly down to the water's edge on the far shore of an inlet. In the centre of the background, a distant conical hill is faintly outlined, leading in the centre and right of the picture to a jagged but level hill-line. Much of this is obscured in the centre and right by the vegetation growing in the midground and foreground on the nearside shore of the inlet, with a mix of leafy and palm trees, sketched increasingly indistinctly towards the right-hand edge of the picture. Near the right-hand edge, a tall more firmly pencilled palm rises from implied undergrowth. The nearside shore of the inlet widens towards the viewer, the water's edge sweeping back leftwards to the left centre, while the high tide line meanders into the bottom right-hand corner of the picture. The sun is shining perpendicularly to the line of sight from the right, and there is much shadow under the trees in the centre and on the water to their left.


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