Mongghul Love Songs

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This collection contains 12 videos showing various aspects of Mongghul culture in northeast Qinghai Province. The videos depict various folk practices, including song, folktales, and village rituals.


In this film, the first 26 minutes are love songs sung in Mongghul; the remaining songs are sung in Mongghul and local Qinghai dialect, but all are Mongghul melodies. Several of these love songs are locally considered to be very old. The three singers reported that before 1984, Mongghul love songs were sung in Mongghul, but this is now much less common, and Mongghul love songs are more commonly sung in Chinese. 在这段影片中的前二十六分唱的是土族情歌,剩下的歌是以土族语和本地的青海方言唱的歌,但全部都是土族歌的旋律。有几首情歌在本地算是很老的。有三个歌手报道称一九八四年以前土族情歌是用土族语唱的,但现在很少见到,用汉语唱土族情歌却变得更加平凡。

Oral Literature, Oral Tradition, Linguistic Anthropology, Mongghul (Tu), Huzhu, Qinghai, Tu
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