Bembya Fedorov, A Legend About the Tsan

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Bembya relays a legend about the tsan musical instrument as mentioned in Kim Shovunov’s book The Kalmyks as Part of the Cossacks: The Second Half of the 17-19 Century (1992). According to the legend, in the past the Kalmyks used to bring these musical instruments from Tibet. Upon their arrival in Tibet, Kalmyks were left in an empty room. After putting silver or gold coins on the table, the Kalmyks would leave the room. After some time, they would be invited back into the room to find tsan instruments laid on the table. It was considered that the instruments were a gift from Buddha. Sometimes instruments were cut into pieces. In this case the Kalmyks were supposed to leave more coins on the table in order to secure fully working instruments.

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