Interval State Estimation in Active Distribution Systems Considering Multiple Uncertainties

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Ren, He 
Amaratunga, Gehan A. J.  ORCID logo

Distribution system state estimation (DSSE) plays a significant role for the system operation management and control. Due to the multiple uncertainties caused by the non-Gaussian measurement noise, inaccurate line parameters, stochastic power outputs of distributed generations (DG), and plug-in electric vehicles (EV) in distribution systems, the existing interval state estimation (ISE) approaches for DSSE provide fairly conservative estimation results. In this paper, a new ISE model is proposed for distribution systems where the multiple uncertainties mentioned above are well considered and accurately established. Moreover, a modified Krawczyk-operator (MKO) in conjunction with interval constraint-propagation (ICP) algorithm is proposed to solve the ISE problem and efficiently provides better estimation results with less conservativeness. Simulation results carried out on the IEEE 33-bus, 69-bus, and 123-bus distribution systems show that the our proposed algorithm can provide tighter upper and lower bounds of state estimation results than the existing approaches such as the ICP, Krawczyk-Moore ICP(KM-ICP), Hansen, and MKO.

interval state estimation, multiple uncertainties, distributed generation, modified Krawczyk-operator, interval constraint-propagation
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