Quantum walk of two anyons across a statistical boundary

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Lau, Liam LH 
Dutta, Shovan 

We model a quantum walk of identical particles that can change their exchange statistics by hopping across a domain wall in a 1D lattice. Such a "statistical boundary" is transparent to single particles and affects the dynamics only by swapping multiple particles arriving together. We find that the two-particle interference is dramatically altered by reflections of these bunched waves at the interface, producing strong measurable asymmetries. Depending on the phases on the two sides, a bunched wavepacket can get completely reflected or split into a superposition of a reflected wave and an antibunched wave. This leads to striking dynamics with two domain walls, where bunched waves can get trapped in between or fragment into multiple correlated single-particle wavepackets. These findings can be realized with density-dependent hopping in present-day atomic setups and open up a new paradigm of intrinsically many-body phenomena at statistical boundaries.

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Physical Review Research
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American Physical Society
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EP/P009565/1)