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Dordzhi Nandyshev, A story about powerful lamas

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Terbish, Baasanjav 


Dordzhi relays stories about powerful monks that lived in the Soviet period. Story One. One day a former monk from the Zod clan, who had the monastic degree of Gavdzhi, was arrested by a couple of policemen. On their way to the district centre, in the middle of the steppe, the police car broke down. One of the policemen set out to the nearest settlement to find a mechanic, while the other stayed to look after the monk. The monk asked the policeman if could go out to relieve himself. As soon as he got off the car, the monk disappeared into thin air. The policemen found the monk only after searching for him for a long time. Again, once in prison, despite being locked in his room, the monk was often seen strolling along the corridor. Story two. There was a monk from Iki-Khurla who could tell everything about a person (including his/her past and future) just by looking at that person’s eyes.



Lamas, power

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