Water-stable porous Al24 Archimedean solids for removal of trace iodine.

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Liu, Ya-Jie 
Sun, Yi-Fan 
Shen, Si-Hao 
Wang, San-Tai 
Liu, Zhuang-Hua 

In this paper, we report a unique type of core-shell crystalline material that combines an inorganic zeolitic cage structure with a macrocyclic host arrangement and that can remove trace levels of iodine from water effectively. These unique assemblies are made up of an inorganic Archimedean truncatedhexahedron (tcu) polyhedron in the kernel which possesses six calixarene-like shell cavities. The cages have good adaptability to guests and can be assembled into a series of supramolecular structures in the crystalline state with different lattice pore shapes. Due to the unique core-shell porous structures, the compounds are not only stable in organic solvents but also in water. The characteristics of the cages enable rapid iodine capture from low concentration aqueous I2/KI solutions (down to 4 ppm concentration). We have studied the detailed process and mechanism of iodine capture and aggregation at the molecular level. The facile synthesis, considerable adsorption capacity, recyclability, and β- and γ-radiation resistance of the cages should make these materials suitable for the extraction of iodine from aqueous effluent streams (most obviously, radioactive iodide produced by atomic power generation).

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Nat Commun
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National Natural Science Foundation of China (National Science Foundation of China) (92061104, 21935010)
Natural Science Foundation of Fujian Province (Fujian Provincial Natural Science Foundation) (2021J06035)