An Archaeological Desk Based Assessment of Burdett Nurseries, Whittlesey

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Hall, Andrew 

This Desk Based Assessment was commissioned by Wilcon Homes Anglia. It relates to an area of 6.2 hectares to the immediate east of Whittlesey. The purpose of this report is to collate and summarise the known and potential archaeology of the Proposed Development Area (PDA) and surrounding study area. The development area has potential for archaeology, notably from the Prehistoric and Roman periods. The relationship between the fen edge and settlement throughout the prehistoric period is well established, with recently excavated sites at the western end of Whittlesey Island. The Roman presence on the island is also well documented and the proximity of known sites suggests the possibility of further activity within the PDA. The cropmark evidence for the site supports this theory. Medieval and Post Medieval quarrying, particularly towards the southern end of the site, will effect preservation within those areas. However, the deeper soil cover over parts of the site may have sealed and protected earlier features from later agricultural practices.

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