Land west of Fenland Way, Chatteris. An Archaeological Evaluation.

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Tabor, Jonathon 

A trial trench based archaeological evaluation was undertaken by Cambridge Archaeological Unit (CAU) on land west of Fenland Way, Chatteris, Cambridgeshire (centred on TL 3881 8649) in June/July 2012. The proposed development area (PDA) comprises c. 8 ha either side of Fenton Lode/Twenty Foot Drain to the north of Honeysome Industrial Estate. A total of 30 archaeological features were recorded and while the majority of features were either undated or relate to post-medieval agriculture, a group of features in the east of the PDA represent a clear zone of Iron Age and Roman activity. The features, largely ditches and gullies are potentially settlement related, however, the low quantities of pottery and animal bone recovered suggest the site probably lay on the periphery of the main settlement foci. The remains appear to be confined to the east of the site, however, two undated ditches in the west of the site could potentially also be later prehistoric.

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