Exploring gestural input for engineering surveys of real-life structures in virtual reality using photogrammetric 3D models

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Tadeja, Sławomir Konrad  ORCID logo  https://orcid.org/0000-0003-0455-4062
Lu, Yupu 
Rydlewicz, Maciej 
Rydlewicz, Wojciech 
Bubas, Tomasz 

Abstract: Photogrammetry is a promising set of methods for generating photorealistic 3D models of physical objects and structures. Such methods may rely solely on camera-captured photographs or include additional sensor data. Digital twins are digital replicas of physical objects and structures. Photogrammetry is an opportune approach for generating 3D models for the purpose of preparing digital twins. At a sufficiently high level of quality, digital twins provide effective archival representations of physical objects and structures and become effective substitutes for engineering inspections and surveying. While photogrammetric techniques are well-established, insights about effective methods for interacting with such models in virtual reality remain underexplored. We report the results of a qualitative engineering case study in which we asked six domain experts to carry out engineering measurement tasks in an immersive environment using bimanual gestural input coupled with gaze-tracking. The qualitative case study revealed that gaze-supported bimanual interaction of photogrammetric 3D models is a promising modality for domain experts. It allows the experts to efficiently manipulate and measure elements of the 3D model. To better allow designers to support this modality, we report design implications distilled from the feedback from the domain experts.


Funder: Cambridge Commonwealth, European and International Trust; doi: https://doi.org/10.13039/501100003343

Funder: Tsinghua Academic Fund for Undergraduate Overseas Studies

Funder: Tsien Excellence in Engineering Program

1173: Interaction in Immersive Experiences, Virtual reality, Photogrammetry, Industrial visual analytics, Immersive analytics, Digital twinning, Virtual reality content
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Multimedia Tools and Applications
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