All-GaN Integrated Cascode Heterojunction Field Effect Transistors

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Jiang, S 
Lee, KB 
Guiney, I 
Miaja, PF 
Zaidi, ZH 

All-GaN integrated cascode heterojunction field effect transistors were designed and fabricated for power switching applications. A threshold voltage of +2 V was achieved using a fluorine treatment and a metal-insulator-semiconductor gate structure on the enhancement mode part. The cascode device exhibited an output current of 300 mA/mm by matching the current drivability of both enhancement and depletion mode parts. The optimisation was achieved by shifting the threshold voltage of the depletion mode section to a more negative value with the addition of a dielectric layer under the gate. The switching performance of the cascode was compared to the equivalent GaN enhancement-mode-only device by measuring the hard switching speed at 200 V under an inductive load in a double pulse tester. For the first time, we demonstrate the switching speed advantage of the cascode over equivalent GaN enhancement-mode-only devices, due to the reduced Miller-effect and the unique switching mechanisms. These observations suggest that practical power switches at high power and high switching frequency will benefit as part of an integrated cascode configuration.

power electronics, semiconductor devices, semiconductor switches, SPICE, semiconductor heterojunctions
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IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics
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This work was funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), United Kingdom, under EP/K014471/1 (Silicon Compatible GaN Power Electronics).