Interference with a quantum dot single-photon source and a laser at telecom wavelength

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Huwer, J 
Stevenson, RM 
Skiba-Szymanska, J 
Ward, MB 

The interference of photons emitted by dissimilar sources is an essential requirement for a wide range of photonic quantum information applications. Many of these applications are in quantum communications and need to operate at standard telecommunication wavelengths to minimize the impact of photon losses and be compatible with existing infrastructure. Here we demonstrate for the first time the quantum interference of telecom-wavelength photons from an InAs/GaAs quantum dot single-photon source and a laser; an important step towards such applications. The results are in good agreement with a theoretical model, indicating a high degree of indistinguishability for the interfering photons.

quant-ph, quant-ph
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Applied Physics Letters
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AIP Publishing
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EP/H022384/1)
The authors acknowledge partial financial support from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, and the EPSRC Quantum Technology Hub in Quantum Communications. M.F. acknowledges support from the EPSRC CDT in Photonic Systems Development. The data from this paper is available at