Maria Mercedes, Maria and Don Manuel de Chiloé Manuel de (Don)

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A female figure and a male figure in a domestic context, with colouring instructions.


Drawing. The female figure, possibly the same young woman as in MS.Add.7984: 21, is standing in the centre right of the picture, barefoot, with plaited hair, a shin-length skirt, and a dress very similar to that in MS.Add.7984: 21. Behind her is a jumble of objects, including on the left an overturned barrel and on the right a smaller upright barrel, a low seat and some wickerwork, possibly a chairback. In the background, there is some indication of a wall with a wooden upright and horizontal timber boarding. In the centre of the picture, a wooden upright to the left of the overturned barrel separates her from the male figure, who is seated on a wooden seat, and closer than her to the viewer, in the left centre. He is barefoot, and has a cap, long dark wavy hair, and clothing as annotated to the left: "blue trousers -- black poncho with narrow red and yellow stripes -- light coloured shift with light brown stripes".

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