Archaeological Evaluation at Land Behind 48 Church Street, Willingham

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Dickens, Alison 

A trench evaluation was carried out on the site of a proposed small housing development. Two trenches were cut. The northernmost, closest and parallel to the Church Street frontage, revealed only one possible feature, a single posthole of unknown date. The second trench had three significant features: The oldest, a ditch with a sherd of late Roman pottery deep in the fil, is one of only very few confirmed Roman features in the immediate vicinity, although Roman evidence is extensive in the environs of the village. Further south a deep pit was possibly an early medieval well. All the pottery recovered from the feature was post-Conquest but pre-thirteenth century, supporting the proposition that early medieval development in Willingham was along the Church Street line. The third feature was a deep brick lined well dating to the seventeenth or eighteenth century. No evidence was found to suggest that the major Saxon settlement recently excavated in the central area of the village extended this far to the north east. With the exception of the Roman ditch the finds related to the early medieval and later development of this important Fenland village.

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