Still No Evidence for a Jewish Group Evolutionary Strategy

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Cofnas, Nathan; orcid: 0000-0002-4145-9956; email: 

I recently criticized some key tenets of what I called the “anti-Jewish narrative,” particularly as defended by Kevin MacDonald. According to MacDonald, Judaism is a “group evolutionary strategy” that led Jews to impose liberal multiculturalism on the West in order to advance their evolutionary interests at the expense of gentiles. In light of MacDonald’s reply, in this paper, I refine my previous arguments, address some popular misunderstandings, and discuss the root causes and consequences of anti-Semitism. I conclude that, contra the anti-Jewish narrative, Jews are not particularly ethnocentric, Jewish intellectuals do not typically advocate liberal multiculturalism for gentiles but not for Jews, Jews did not orchestrate the rise of liberalism or blank-slatism in the West, and anti-Semitism is not primarily a response to actual Jewish wrongdoing.


Acknowledgements: Thanks to Jonathan Anomaly, Guy Madison, Richard Robb, Neven Sesardić, and two anonymous reviewers for helpful comments and discussion. This work was supported by a Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowship.

Multiculturalism, Anti-Semitism, Mass immigration, Jews, Ethnocentrism, Liberalism, Blank slate
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Evolutionary Psychological Science
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