A Report on COVID-19 Lockdown and Housing in Ghana: Insights from Research Impact Activities and Policy Recommendations

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Asante, Lewis Abedi 

This report summarises insights from two research impact activities conducted in Ghana and proposes policy recommendations for improving housing experiences and future pandemic preparedness following the COVID-19 lockdown in Ghana. It categorises the issues discussed into five themes: housing-related issues, urban governance-related issues, law enforcement and public sensitization, accessing housing data, and improvements in service provision. In response to the thematic issues, policy recommendations aimed at addressing challenges faced by landlords and tenants during the lockdown and those that persist post-COVID-19 are proposed. Enhancing sanitation facilities and increasing affordable housing supply, stakeholder engagement in pandemic planning, digital address system uptake were among the recommendations to improve urban governance. Law enforcement refinement and data availability were also emphasised, along with sustaining efficient utility services. The report holds relevance for key stakeholders involved in the built environment.

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