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Book review: Schneider, M., M. Pottenger & J.E. King. 2016. The distribution of wealth: growing inequality?

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Wealth inequality, and the closely related dimension of income inequality, have become so much the order of the day that a second and updated edition of The distribution of wealth is very welcome indeed. In this short book, Schneider, Pottenger and King are capable of providing an impressively comprehensive introduction to the distribution of wealth and its role in the economy. The authors not only cover an extensive empirical literature, but also discuss the measurement and the determinants of wealth inequality, the relationship between wealth, income and welfare, and how to change the prevailing distribution. This is all done in an easy to follow style that, whilst neither being excessively simplistic nor glossing over technical and theoretical complications, can appeal to broad audiences across the social sciences. The downside, perhaps unavoidable in a such a wide-ranging introduction to a likewise-broad topic, is that depth is sacrificed at several key points.



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