Dual mode imaging in mid infrared with thermal signal reconstruction for innovative diagnostics of the "Monocromo" by Leonardo da Vinci.

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Daffara, Claudia 
Parisotto, Simone 
Mariotti, Paola Ilaria 
Ambrosini, Dario 

Dual mode imaging in the mid infrared band, a joint use of thermography and quasi-thermal reflectography, was recently proposed as a full field diagnostic tool in cultural heritage. Here we discuss for the first time, to the best of our knowledge, a detailed application of such non destructive technique to the diagnostics of frescoes, with an emphasis on the location of detachments. We also investigate the use of a thermographic method based on TSR (thermal signal reconstruction), in a long pulse stimulus scheme, as well as the spatial registration of thermal images after post-processing analysis to their visible counterpart, so as to obtain a fine resolution diagnostic map. As an exemplar case study, we report about the application of dual mode imaging with a 500 [Formula: see text] pixel size at object plane on the "Monocromo", a fresco by Leonardo da Vinci located in the Sforza Castle (Milan, Italy). Our technique was used to guide the conservators during the restoration works, opening new perspectives in artwork diagnostics.

4302 Heritage, Archive and Museum Studies, 43 History, Heritage and Archaeology
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