A flow field around a cylindrical probe in proximity to stator blades and its effect on the measurements

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Sedunin, VA 
Xu, L 
Kalinin, IA 
Marchenko, IG 
Komarov, OV 

jats:titleAbstract</jats:title> jats:pIn multistage axial compressors of gas turbine engines, there is a need for a detailed understanding of the flow field in between the blade rows, which could be obtained by spanwise traversing. This requires a pneumatic probe to be immersed into the flow path between the blade rows, where the space is limited. Therefore, the probe will affect the flow field around it and in the blade channel, and the probe readings will be affected by that flow field. As a result, these probe readings cannot be translated to flow parameters based on just the freestream calibration characteristics, obtained in the idealized wind tunnel. In our paper, we provide a computational analysis of the flow field around the cylindrical probe in a constrained inter-blade-row environment at different circumferential locations and flow conditions both upstream and downstream of the stator blade row. It is shown that the flow angle measurement error can reach up to five degrees in the mid-pitch locations compared to undistorted flow, and dynamic head measurements can be up to 30% away from the actual mean values of the flow. These deviations are shown to be caused by flow field interaction inside the blade channel and, as a result, measured values, obtained during industrial compressor testing, could be corrected accordingly. The universal correction procedure is proposed for further use in the industry</jats:p>

51 Physical Sciences
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Journal of Physics: Conference Series
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