Research Data: The role of optical projection in the analysis of membrane fluctuations

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In the zipped folder "" and sub-folders:

flickering.m : matlab class that contains all the functions to set up and perform the analysis of a video of a flickering vesicle, to retrieve the spectrum of its fluctuations.

example.m : a brief example script where the flickering.m class is used.

export_spectrum.m : a scripts that loads the output of a flickering analysis (e.g. of example.m) and converts it to a json file format, ready for the fitting routine.

DataAnalysis.nb : commented Mathematica notebook containing the fitting routine and an example of its usage.

LTable.nb : support Mathematica file

DataExample_X.json : example spectra readable by the Mathematica notebook.

In the zipped folder "":

Examples of flickering confocal videos collected for the same vesicle at different pinhole size (and thus z-resolution, see paper). The videos are in tif format. The text file "Experimental" contains information on the pixel size, framerate, and pinhole size of each video.

Software / Usage instructions
See comments on the files. Software: Mathematica and Matlab for the analysis code. Most commercial image visualisation softwares can open tif files.
Flickering spectroscopy, Lipid membranes, Bending rigidity
EPSRC (via Imperial College London) (CHIS_P39012)
Leverhulme Trust (ECF-2015-494)
Isaac Newton Trust (MIN 1508(S))