The Linear Stability of the Schwarzschild Solution to Gravitational Perturbations in the Generalised Wave Gauge

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Abstract: We prove in this paper that the Schwarzschild family of black holes are linearly stable as a family of solutions to the system of equations that result from expressing the Einstein vacuum equations in a generalised wave gauge. In particular we improve on our recent work (Johnson in The linear stability of the Schwarzschild solution to gravitational perturbations in the generalised wave gauge, arXiv: 1803.04012, 2018) by modifying the generalised wave gauge employed therein so as to establish asymptotic flatness of the associated linearised system. The result thus complements the seminal work (Dafermos et al. in The linear stability of the Schwarzschild solution to gravitational perturbations, arXiv:1601.06467, 2016) of Dafermos–Holzegel–Rodnianski in a similar vein as to how the work (Lindblad and Rodnianski. in Ann Math 171:1401–1477, 2010) of Lindblad–Rodnianski complemented that of Christodoulou–Klainerman (Christodoulou and Klainerman in The global nonlinear stability of the Minkowski space. Princeton Mathematical Series, vol 41. Princeton University Press, Princeton, 1993) in establishing the nonlinear stability of the Minkowski space.


Funder: FP7 Ideas: European Research Council; doi:; Grant(s): 337488

4902 Mathematical Physics, 49 Mathematical Sciences
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