Block Fen, Chatteris, Cambridgeshire. An Archaeological Evaluation, Langwood Fen Farm (South)

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Knight, Mark 

On behalf of Hanson, a trench-based evaluation of two fields at Block Fen, Chatteris (TL 434 846), articulated a widely dispersed pattern of two large watering holes associated with an Early Bronze Age sub-fen landscape. In addition, it identified a narrow strip of buried soil together with a discrete midden-like deposit replete with sherds of Early Bronze Age pottery, and all preserved beneath a thin horizon of desiccated peat. Otherwise the evaluation described a somewhat denuded patch of land which owing to intensive drainage had experienced severe peat wastage and comprehensive plough damage. Consequently, all but three of the sixty-two trenches recorded a thin cover of ploughsoil above an archaeologically sterile natural.

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