Research data supporting "Experimental study of structural movements and swelling pressures on deep basements caused by long-term heave in over-consolidated clay"

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Madabhushi, Santana 
Hsu, Yu Sheng 
O'Brien, Anthony 
Solera, Sergio 

The zip file contains four Matlab / Octave code files (.m), five Matlab data files (.mat), and two CSV files:

poster_plots.m: Compares three sets of experimental data (DYC-03: flexible basement model with heavy superstructure; DYC-04: flexible basement model with light superstructure; DYC-05: stiff basement model with light superstructure) and generates plots of heave displacement and slab-soil contact pressure (Figs. 5, 6, 7 of associated paper). expt_vs_site.m: Compares data from experiment DYC-04 with site monitoring data from Horseferry Road case study (Fig. 1, 8 of associated paper). force_smooth_hstrip.m, force_smooth_vstrip.m: functions for data filtering called by poster_plots.m.

filteredData0304.mat: Experimental data of displacement, curvature, force, and pore pressure readings from experiments DYC-03 and DYC-04.

DYC03 instruments.csv, DYC04 instruments.csv: CSV with instrument definitions and calibration factors for experiments DYC-03 and DYC-04 respectively. These CSV files are not directly called by the Matlab scripts but are included for the benefit of data reusers who want to reinterpret the experimental data in-context.

TekscanData03.mat, TekscanData04.mat, TekscanData05.mat: Tekscan (tactile sensing mat) contact pressure measurement data from experiments DYC-03, DYC-04, and DYC-05 respectively.

HorseferryData.mat: Data file for site monitoring data from Horseferry Road case study, derived from Horseferry Road site monitoring dataset (see related resources)

All the data plots in the associated paper can be generated using poster_plots.m and expt_vs_site.m.

The .m and .mat files were prepared using Matlab R2017b. Parts of the underlying data were generated using DasyLab and Tekscan I-Scan.

Software / Usage instructions
All the .m and .mat files must be unzipped into the same folder to run correctly. Run poster_plots.m in Matlab to produce comparisons of the three sets of included experimental data on heave displacement and slab-soil contact pressure. Run expt_vs_site.m to produce comparison between experiment DYC-04 (flexible basement, light superstructure) with Horseferry Road site data. The scripts and data files were prepared using Matlab R2017b. Compatibility with other versions of Matlab and GNU Octave is likely but untested.
centrifuge modelling, deep basement, London clay, long-term heave, over-consolidated clay
EPSRC (1650789)
EPSRC (1650789)
EPSRC (EP/L016095/1) Mott MacDonald Geotechnics