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Research data supporting "Electron Spectroscopy using Transition-Edge Sensors"

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Patel, Kunal 
Withington, Stafford 
Goldie, David 
Thomas, Christopher  ORCID logo
Shard, Alexander 


There is a Readme file included in the ZIP folder with a detailed description of the dataset.

Data & File overview

Raw Data: • Contains raw dataset as measured in csv file. This raw dataset was processed and present in ReadoutData3.mat • ReadoutDataX.mat, where X is a number from 1 to 5, were generated from multiple raw csv files and split up to limit on the size of individual ReadoutData files.

Processed Data: • Processed data divided into 3 measurement sets, D1, D2 and G3. o D1 was taken at 120mK device temperature, direct electron beam to TES. o D2 was taken at 130mK device temperature, direct electron beam to TES. o G3 was taken at 130mK device temperature, electron beam scattered off graphite target. Import data contains data from Goto and Takeichi in Fig.5a PSD contains power spectral density measurement data used in Fig.4

Analysis Functions: Three analysis functions are included, LoadDataset.mlx, EventSubset.m and ExtractEvents.m • LoadDataset.mlx takes all data in either Processed Data\D1, Processed Data\D2, or Processed Data\G3 and organises data into single datastructure • ExtractEvents.m extracts electron events from datastructure from LoadDataset and puts them into a table • EventSubset.m extracts subset of events from ExtractEvents table based on input conditions

Figure Scripts: Contains files used to generate figures in journal article • Fig.2 from D1_TimeSeries.mlx MATLAB live script. • Fig.3a from D2_Spectrum.mlx MATLAB live script. • Fig.3b from D2_SpecDiff.mlx MATLAB live script. • Fig.4 from PSD.mlx MATLAB live script. • Fig.5 from G3_Spectrum.mlx MATLAB live script. • Fig.6 from G3_PulseShapes_paper.mlx MATLAB live script. • Colormaps contains colormaps for figure generation


Software / Usage instructions

MATLAB is required to access the processed data. Excel, Image viewer.


Electron Spectroscopy, Transition-Edge Sensors, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy


EPSRC (2123949)
National Measurement System of the UK Department for Science, Innovation and Technology