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Tughuan Hurin-Shzin (Tughuan Twenty-Nine) Festival

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This collection contains 12 videos showing various aspects of Mongghul culture in northeast Qinghai Province. The videos depict various folk practices, including song, folktales, and village rituals.


Tughuan Hurin-Shzin (Tughuan Twenty-Nine) is an annual Mongghul festival held in Fulaan Nara Tughuan Village on the twenty-eighth and twenty-ninth days of the sixth lunar month. Early in the morning of the twenty-ninth day, which is the most important day, all Tughuan residents come to the temple where Tirijiijinbu is enshrined. Meanwhile, village men carry Tughuan Nengneng (Niangniang 娘娘), a sedan-deity pram, to the temple. All village residents worship Tirijiijinbu in the morning by burning incense, lighting lamps, offering small amounts of cash, prostrating, and circumambulating the temple. Villagers also ask Tughuan Nengneng such questions about village affairs as if they should visit Rgulang Monastery and invite monks to the village to chant scriptures; should villagers go to sacred mountain peaks to burn incense, offer sheep, and prostrate to ensure that drought and hailstones do not harm village crops; and so on. People gather to sing Mongghul mountain songs (love songs). 五十镇土官村的庙会在每年农历六月份的二十八和二十九日举行。二十九日的早晨是最重要的,所有土官村的村民会到观音大师所在的庙,与此同时村里的男子将会抬来娘娘的轿车。 所有的村民在早晨拜观音大师,烧香、点灯、献小钱以及绕神庙。村民还会问一些关于村里的事务是否要到格隆寺去应邀几位僧侣到村里念经,是否要到神山顶上烧香和祭羊,跪拜而确定干旱和冰雹不要损害村里的庄稼等等。顺便人们在一起会唱山歌或情歌。


Oral Literature, Oral Tradition, Linguistic Anthropology, Mongghul (Tu), Huzhu, Qinghai, Tu

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