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Chromosomal painting in Charadrius collaris Vieillot, 1818 and Vanellus chilensis Molina, 1782 and an analysis of chromosomal signatures in Charadriiformes.

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Pinheiro, Melquizedec Luiz Silva 
Nagamachi, Cleusa Yoshiko 
Ribas, Talita Fernanda Augusto 
Diniz, Cristovam Guerreiro 
O Brien, Patricia Caroline Mary 


Charadriiformes represent one of the largest orders of birds; members of this order are diverse in morphology, behavior and reproduction, making them an excellent model for studying evolution. It is accepted that the avian putative ancestral karyotype, with 2n = 80, remains conserved for about 100 million years. So far, only a few species of Charadriiformes have been studied using molecular cytogenetics. Here, we performed chromosome painting on metphase chromosomes of two species of Charadriidae, Charadrius collaris and Vanellus chilensis, with whole chromosome paint probes from Burhinus oedicnemus. Charadrius collaris has a diploid number of 76, with both sex chromosomes being submetacentric. In V. chilensi a diploid number of 78 was identified, and the Z chromosome is submetacentric. Chromosome painting suggests that chromosome conservation is a characteristic common to the family Charadriidae. The results allowed a comparative analysis between the three suborders of Charadriiformes and the order Gruiformes using chromosome rearrangements to understand phylogenetic relationships between species and karyotypic evolution. However, the comparative analysis between the Charadriiformes suborders so far has not revealed any shared rearrangements, indicating that each suborder follows an independent evolutionary path, as previously proposed. Likewise, although the orders Charadriiformes and Gruiformes are placed on sister branches, they do not share any signature chromosomal rearrangements.



Amphipoda, Animals, Birds, Charadriiformes, Chromosome Painting, Evolution, Molecular, Phylogeny, Sex Chromosomes

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PLoS One

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