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Telo Tulku: In my belief system there are many deities. On my altar, in the middle, is the image or statue of Buddha. Then I have Manjushri, Amitayus – Buddha of longevity, then Green Tara – Bodhisattva of activity. I do not expect everybody to have many statues or images, though I would highly recommend at least an image or a statue of Buddha. This is a minimal requirement. Depending on your situation you can acquire other images. Baasanjav: Is it OK to put amulets on your altar? TT: Yes, it is. Any holy object can be placed on the altar. B: Many Kalmyks put deezh on their altars, is that alright? TT: Yes, because it is an offering of your food to Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. B: Many people put photos of their deceased relatives or parents. TT: I do not think it is properly done. Then again if the intention is to pray for their good rebirth, it is a reminder to have their image there. But worshipping them as you would worship Buddha is wrong, since they are not enlightened beings. Therefore, they should not be worshipped. B: Is it alright to put zul or candles? TT: In the form of an offering yes, it is. B: In Kalmykia I met so-called medlegchi people. On their altars I saw images pertaining to Christianity. Is it alright on a Buddhist altar to have images from other religions?



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