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  1. K-12 computing education in four African countries (Botswana, Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda) survey structure and questions: this file details the structure of the survey and provides the full list of survey questions
  2. K-12 computing education in four African countries (Botswana, Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda) survey data: this file includes the responses from the 58 study participants to the survey questions on demographics, years of teaching experience, qualifications, classroom time, topics covered in computer science teaching, capacity in terms of support and resources available and barriers experienced for professional development 3.Country Snapshot K-12 CSED Africa : this file provides the country report template used to capture core information about each study country's computer science education policy and intended curriculum, along with the completed reports.

Description of methods used for collection/generation of data: Survey data - Purposive sampling was used to identify computing teachers in Botswana, Kenya, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Uganda. The survey was disseminated to these teachers using methods including mailing lists, newsletters, blog posts, promotion through school and teacher networks, individual messaging and social media promotion. Snowball sampling was also used, with participants encouraged to share the survey with other computing teachers. Country report data - The country reports were completed by the survey authors for their respective countries, drawing on publicly-available data and their own expertise. Authors are identified on each report.

Date of data collection: Survey data collected from 2020-12-01 to 2021-01-31.

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Botswana, computing education, computing teachers, K-12 computing, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda