The World Oral Literature Series: An Open Access Collaboration Between WOLP and Open Book Publishers

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Gatti, Rupert 

Rupert Gatti will speak about the OBP/WOLP joint book series: Open Book Publishers and the World Oral Literature Project teamed up in 2011 to create the World Oral Literature Series in order to preserve and promote the oral literature of indigenous people. All the books in the series will be available for free online in their entirety and will be complemented by audio/video material. Rupert will outline the titles forthcoming in this series and describe publication and funding innovations developed with the first title to be published—the revised edition of the classic Oral Literature in Africa by Ruth Finnegan. Rupert Gatti is a co-­‐founder and Director of Open Book Publishers. He is a Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, where he is a Director of Studies in Economics. His academic work includes microeconomic analysis of competition in online markets.


This presentation was given at the World Oral Literature Project 2012 workshop Charting Vanishing Voices: A Collaborative Workshop to Map Endangered Oral Cultures.

Oral Literature, Oral Tradition, Linguistic Anthropology, Open Access, Mapping, Endangered, Publishing
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