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Assessment of non-invasive ICP during CSF infusion test: an approach with transcranial Doppler.

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Robba, C 
Cabella, BCT 


BACKGROUND: This study aimed to compare four non-invasive intracranial pressure (nICP) methods in a prospective cohort of hydrocephalus patients whose cerebrospinal fluid dynamics was investigated using infusion tests involving controllable test-rise of ICP. METHOD: Cerebral blood flow velocity (FV), ICP and non-invasive arterial blood pressure (ABP) were recorded in 53 patients diagnosed for hydrocephalus. Non-invasive ICP methods were based on: (1) interaction between FV and ABP using black-box model (nICP_BB); (2) diastolic FV (nICP_FVd); (3) critical closing pressure (nICP_CrCP); (4) transcranial Doppler-derived pulsatility index (nICP_PI). Correlation between rise in ICP (∆ICP) and ∆nICP and averaged correlations for changes in time between ICP and nICP during infusion test were investigated. RESULTS: From baseline to plateau, all nICP estimators increased significantly. Correlations between ∆ICP and ∆nICP were better represented by nICP_PI and nICP_BB: 0.45 and 0.30 (p < 0.05). nICP_FVd and nICP_CrCP presented non-significant correlations: -0.17 (p = 0.21), 0.21 (p = 0.13). For changes in ICP during individual infusion test nICP_PI, nICP_BB and nICP_FVd presented similar correlations with ICP: 0.39 ± 0.40, 0.39 ± 0.43 and 0.35 ± 0.41 respectively. However, nICP_CrCP presented a weaker correlation (R = 0.29 ± 0.24). CONCLUSIONS: Out of the four methods, nICP_PI was the one with best performance for predicting changes in ∆ICP during infusion test, followed by nICP_BB. Unreliable correlations were shown by nICP_FVd and nICP_CrCP. Changes of ICP observed during the test were expressed by nICP values with only moderate correlations.



CSF infusion test, Cerebral blood flow velocity, Non-invasive ICP monitoring, Transcranial Doppler, Adult, Blood Flow Velocity, Cerebrovascular Circulation, Female, Humans, Hydrocephalus, Intracranial Pressure, Male, Middle Aged, Prospective Studies, Ultrasonography, Doppler, Transcranial

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Acta Neurochir (Wien)

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