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Research data supporting "Terahertz correlation spectroscopy infers particle velocity and rheological properties"

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  1. Contents of this opendata folder. (a) Sample data from the time-domain terahertz sensor from the experiments described in the paper (b) Matlab code which converts this sample data into the figures presented in the paper. This code implements the data analysis presented in the paper. 2. List of sample data files: ballotini_6June_002_425_30Hz Ballotini (425 micron dia) falling in oil (Fig 2) ballotini_6June_004_212_30Hz Ballotini (212 micron dia) falling in oil bubbles_12Aug_13 Bubbles rising in oil (Fig 4) viscometer_3Sep_5 Viscometer, silvered polyethlene beads in oil (Fig 3B) viscometer_12Aug_7 Viscometer, 1.43 radians / s (Fig 3C) viscometer_12Aug_8 Viscometer, 2.01 radians / s (Fig 3C) viscometer_12Aug_9 Viscometer, 2.51 radians / s (Fig 3C) viscometer_12Aug_10 Viscometer, 1.03 radians / s (Fig 3C) viscometer_12Aug_11 Viscometer, 1.57 radians / s (Fig 3C) 3.Matlab code for data analysis. (a) THz_Corr_Vel_Code_Figs.m This script generates all the figures that present data in the paper. This script was developed in Matlab 2013b. It reads in raw sample data from the opendata folder. To use this script, open Matlab, set the opendata folder as the working directory, and run this script. (b) TOF.m Time-of-flight analysis Analyses viscometer data to produce time-and-depth resolved velocimetry results using the terahertz correlation spectroscopy method presented in the paper.


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.TXT format readme file. .MAT format Matlab (2013b) data files for each of the sample datasets .m format Matlab script for data analysis and producing the figures for the paper


Terahertz, imaging, velocimetry, correlation spectroscopy


University of Cambridge
This work was supported by the EPSRC [grant numbers EP/K503721/1 and EP/L015889/1].